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Premium apartments in the Cultural heart of Guadalajara.

Dodo Apartments offers you the luxury and of staying in a high-end apartment combined with great interior design and art pieces.


Located in the new center of Guadalajara “Chapultepec”, where you will find lots of activities and places to visit, from a nice coffee place in the morning, to a modern art gallery, and ancient Barragan House, or a cold beer in one of the many bars in the area.

Also, the accommodation is very close to the American embassy in Guadalajara, the Expo Guadalajara, and the city center.

Stay at a high-end apartment and enjoy the benefits of a Hostel

Dodo apartments are part of blue prepper group, our youth hostel is located just a few meters away from the apartments, so if you want to enjoy the luxury of our apartments, but at the same time you want to meet nice people from all over the world, we open the doors of the hostel for you 24/7 so you can joins us at our garden, or grab a beer with clients at the patio or bar. Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to the hostel.

Housing/art gallery

Our apartments are decorated with art work form local artist, muralist, street artist, and interior designers.

The e-shop allows you to buy any of the art work you see displayed in our apartments directly with your credit card. From a poster, to a chair, or a paint, all the items tagged with a price can be bought in the online store or directly at front desk.

Common areas

Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets of the city at our Roof Garden our spend a good day at the pool with your family.

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